Des Moines Firefighters Now Fighting Bedbugs |

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Firefighters from Station 4 responded to a medical call last week when they noticed the patient’s house was over run with bedbugs. A couple of the pests apparently hitched a ride and have been found in the fire station. A pest ……Des Moines Firefighters Now Fighting Bedbugs |

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Orange Is The New Black: “Bed Bugs and Beyond” – The AV Club

I have actually attempted to gather up all the feasible errors that could make when killing bed pests. Read them carefully so the following time you do not make them and bear a loss.

Now that Orange Is The New Black is officially a “drama” according to the Emmys, episodes like “Bed Bugs and Beyond” are a reminder the show’s creative team disagrees. “Litchfield is infested with bed bugs” is a sitcom ……Orange Is The New Black: “Bed Bugs and Beyond” – The AV Club

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